What is an Influencer?
Influencers can come in all shapes and forms depending on the industry, but we would classify an 'Influencer' as an individual that can exert influence over a certain group of people (their followers!) through their online presence. 


Why would I use influencers?
A particular influencer may already be engaging with your target market, therefore you can engage with them simply by partnering with the influencer, allowing you to reach the same people they reach on a regular basis. Why go through the trouble of building your own community, when these influencers have already done it for you. Also, you must consider that very few people actually want to engage with a brand. Influencer marketing is the new 'word of mouth' and consumers would much rather engage with a human being who shares their interests.


How does it work?
FYI matches your brand and requirements with only the best performing influencers, to achieve the highest ROI. Not only do we source and negotiate with the influencers on your behalf, we also manage the influencer campaign from start to finish, so you can focus on what you do best. Our management includes; sourcing, analysis, negotiation, along with campaign strategy and delivery. We also report on all available metrics once your campaign has ended.


How does FYI do?
We source only the best performing influencers using our own network of people and relationships that we have developed over many years. When choosing which influencer is most suitable for your brand, it's not all about the size of their following. We analyse each and every influencer for authenticity, engagement rates on their content and the quality of their following.


What does it cost?
Unfortunately there is no set cost as prices vary for each influencer and industry. They are usually based on the size of their following and engagement rates. FYI charges a 20% commission on any influencer fees.


Is my brand suitable for influencer marketing?
Yes! Influencer marketing is very effective across all industries and sectors. Whether you have a great product or a unique service, FYI will match you with the best performing influencers in your industry. Speak to a member of our team on or call 0161 731 0048 to learn how influencer marketing can help you.