Facebook’s New Branded Content Policy

Facebook recently announced an update to its branded content policy that allows organisations with verified Pages to publish brand-sponsored content without asking for Facebook’s permission first, as long as the content is tagged to the brand.


This move validates something we’ve always believed in at FYI – that the content generated through influencer marketing has the power to drive more effective social advertising. While we applaud Facebook’s move towards measuring the effectiveness of sponsored content, the announcement has caused some confusion to those in the space.

So how, exactly, does this new update affect brands and Storytellers working with FYI? Facebook’s policy update only impacts brands, publishers, and celebrities with verified accounts, identified by a blue verification badge.

As a result, in almost all cases, this update does not affect how our network of influencers post branded content on Facebook. Because we connect brands with the “power-middle” – influencers who have amassed followings of between 10,000 and 250,000 based on their ability to inspire people with their content.